Going Paperless in 2022 Saying Goodbye to Filing Cabinets The Digital World As technology continues to advance, there becomes less of a need for physical documents to be passed around the office or to be stored in large cabinets. Files and data are often shared via email or other messaging services, and can be signed electronically as well. Everyday work tasks are becoming digitalized, allowing businesses and organizations to seamlessly collaborate across multiple departments or
Document Management Software With Built-in Workflows We created PinPoint DMS with the goal of improving workplace productivity and efficiency. One of the most important needs for organizations today is seamless collaboration across all departments, units, agencies, and locations. In order to reduce the amount of time spent to complete every day workplace tasks, we incorporated an automated workflow system within our document management software. With PinPoint's automated workflow features, you can create and customize as
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PinPoint Document Management System Reviews Summer 2022 Top Performing Product PinPoint Document Management Software has earned a badge for being a top performing product on SourceForge.com! Our software has been selected by users as a quality product and has been selected from over 60,000 products! Join the thousands of PinPoint users going completely paperless with a document management system! For more information about SourceForge or our software, click here.
What is Document Management Software? Document Management Software provides businesses and organizations the ability to electronically store, edit, organize, and keep track of files. Common ways files can be added to a DMS include scanning in directly, importing electronic files, sent via email/fax, and drag-and-drop.   The content of files is captured and therefore users can search through their database using full-text search, searching by date, date range, metadata, document name, etc. Instead of wasting
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