If you are interested in becoming partners with LSSP and want to be a part of the team, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking to become a PinPoint Document Management reseller or a certified channel partner, by being a part of the team, you gain the ability to tap into the document management system market without the fight or hassle. Working with LSSP means you will be working with a team of well-versed experts who have many years of experience in electronic document management. Document Management resellers and channel partners enjoy discounts based on accumulated sales. Contact us for our Partner Pricing and our No-Cost Channel Partner Program Agreement today.

LSSP Corporation enjoys over 20 years in the Document Management Software business, serving over 25,000 users world-wide. In 2006, LSSP developed a Web-Based solution called PinPoint, which can run on a customer's own server, or on our secure cloud. Our pricing is based on the number and types of users needed (view-only, general users, administrative/full user rights).

PinPoint is a fully customizable, non-technical approach that is an exact fit for any type of organization. Users have the ability to define electronic file rooms, cabinets, folders, document types, workflows, and retention schedules to meet their needs. PinPoint also supports multiple languages for a multi-lingual organization.


Document Management

Automatic Filing, Retention Management, Workflows, Versioning, Onboarding, and Built-In OCR Technology.

File Organization

Define cabinets, folders, sub-dividers, document types and more to fit your organizational needs. Set security at any level by user and/or by group.


Store an unlimited number of files with fast and easy retrieval. Choose the number of users to access your PinPoint system, as well.

On-The-Go Mobility

Use PinPoint from any location, compatible on any device with internet access.

Company Collaboration

Businesses large and small are able to communicate, set up workflows, and securely store documents in one centralized system.

Automated Workflow

Includes an easy to use workflow task manager, with automatic notifications, reassigning tasks, and supervisor monitoring.