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If interested in becoming partner with LSSP and want to become a part of the team then you have come to the right place. With PinPoint, value in keeping documents quick, easy, and secure is no challenge. Whether your looking to be a re-seller or a certified channel partner, you gain the ability to tap into the document management system market without the fight. LSSP has been developing in the Document Management System market for quite sometime starting with Edrawer and now with PinPoint since 2001. Working with LSSP means you gain a team with veteran experience and full knowledge of the market and its system. Join us Today

PinPoint's Features

Here at PinPoint, we put emphasis on your business getting the edge using our software. Getting ahead is just the first step, together we can evolve together and make your daily routine in the office as smooth and effortless as possible.

Cloud Based

Cloud based is the future of technology and starting your business on a cloud based platform is putting you ahead. Allowing you to access anywhere anytime permits the ability for the workplace to be as flexible as the business requires.

Self Hosted

While not being as flexible as cloud, self hosted is still existent where an office can run PinPoint on their own server allowing you to personalize your own document management as your business requires. 

Windows or IOS

With PinPoint being a web application, the constraint of what operating system your business uses on a daily basis is no longer a hindrance.

Automated Document Management

No longer will your office require someone full time to take care of your filing system. PinPoint allows you to simply drag and drop your files and see records automatically be taken care of.


Linking what your business currently uses with PinPoint has never been easier. Our Services allow quick integration with any outside software, allowing the transition to be as easy as possible.

Customer Service

Award winning 24/7 Customer Support allows any customer to work stress free when things don't operate as expected. Wherever you are stuck you have our support.

"PinPoint is an easy-to-use DMS application that files documents automatically and works with Macs, PCs, and mobile devices for small to enterprise businesses."


We're not the only ones realizing PinPoint's potential in a business environment.