PinPoint | Electronic Document Management System

PinPoint is a Document Management System suitable for any type of business.

Document Management System

Key Features and Functions:

  • Direct scanning/importing
  • Drag-and-Drop filing
  • OCR with content management
  • Document recognition and processing
  • Archive and export tools
  • Retention management
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Version control
  • Annotations and redactions
  • Finalize/Legal Hold
Document Management System
Record Management

PinPoint is an Electronic Document Management System with added features to improve your workplace efficiency. The system creates a viewable image of each file added, while securing the native file format. Files can be updated using annotations and markup tools within the system, or a user can check the file out to edit in Word, Excel, etc. 

On-the-go Mobility

Browsers with access to the internet can view and edit data from any location, keeping collaboration fast and easy on the go. 

File Organization

PinPoint is a document management system that captures metadata and content directly from the file to determine the location within your folders. Even batch and multiple type documents can be scanned or imported and automatically broken up and filed properly.


The MS SQL and our broadband width at our datacenter enables growth as it is needed dynamically, without having to change settings or parameters.

Version Control

Gives users the ability to review all versions of any document authorized. Easily add new versions of documents to replace the old, or save multiple versions.

Improved Workflow

Includes an advanced and easy to use workflow task manager, with automatic notifications, reassigning tasks, and supervisor reports. 

PinPoint is an efficient way to manage and organize your company's records at an affordable price. Enjoy the flexibility of document access from any device!


LSSP Corporation follows all certification specifications with DOD, HIPAA, OSHA, SOX, FACTA, FDA, SEC.

File Retrieval

Fast and easy to lookup information using full text and keyword searches with a built-in Content Search Manager and OCR engine.

Forms Processing

Enables you to fill out and file forms with the ability to assign workflow to track when forms are completed.

Easy Integration

The built-in sweeper application makes it very easy to integrate PinPoint with the programs you already use, with just a click of a button.

Document Security

Fully definable, PinPoint accommodates many levels of security that are easily maintained, and are based on roles and groups.

Cloud vs Self-hosted

Run the application from your own self-hosted server, or from our SAE16 Type II and SaaS Type II Compliant DataCenter.