Property Management Document Management

With PinPoint' Property Management Document Management solution,  all staff no matter what location can access, track, and organize files related to your accounts.  Use PinPoint for both commercial and residential units and any other property management business types.

PinPoint includes features for creating work orders for equipment and safety reviews.  Set security to follow compliance while keeping your organization safe with a full disaster recovery plan in place automatically. All of your files are stored electronically and backed up. Have the system track for missing files when a packet of files is due through the On-Boarding feature.  Workflow enables tracking progress and can send notifications when the staff is required to complete tasks.

Use PinPoint's Property Management Document Management solution for your Board files, as the system can automatically merge files for review.

Program Keypoints

  •  Quick and easy implementation.
  • Built-in automation to file critical documents, with easy retrieval of information.
  • PinPoint delivers easy access to information with a centralized document management repository.
  • Workflow and reminders to insure completion on-time
  • Improved QA tools to organize your firm’s documents safely and securely.
  • Easily file documents from within your business applications.
  • Version control and history tracking.
  • Store any type of file for residents and tenants folders, including video and audio.
  • Simplify file search efforts including full text content and metadata.
  • Easily file emails and their attachments with one click from Outlook.
  • Easy to use look-up screens to retrieve clients complete file.
  • Drag and drop any file type to your client folders.
  • Definable ways to classify, describe and organize client documents.
  • Ability to reference files to multiple folders.
  • Check-In/Check-Out with version management.
  • Client Portal enables Web access to documents for external parties.


Additional Resources

  • Project Manager assigned to your organization for One-On-One implementation.
  • System is defined to match all your information elements you need for each client.
  • Load your previous electronic files automatically with full search ability.
  • Automatically updates to new versions of the software.
  • On-going support & training always. We do NOT outsource, so you are always working with a PinPoint Legal Document Management Project Manager.
  • Ability to quickly send documents for signatures and seamless retrieval.
  • Integrate with other Property Management systems
  • Access from any location using any device
  • Audit log reporting for complete compliance.
  • Complete API as well for use if needed.