Top Features

Have Your Organization Become More Efficient Than Ever Using PinPoint Document Management

Automatic Filing

Simply drag-and-drop your files or set up a "hot folder" so that they can be  automatically filed by A.R.I.E., our Automated Robot Integration Explorer.

Document Management

Store any file format (PDF, TIFF, DOC, EXE, XLS, etc.). PinPoint stores files in their native format, but also creates a PDF version for markups, annotations, e-signatures, redactions, and more.

Software Integration

Quickly integrate with any outside software, allowing the transition of files and information to be as easy as possible.

Company Collaboration

Businesses large and small are able to communicate, set up workflows, electronically sign or approve, and securely store documents in one centralized system.

Cloud or Self-Host

Allowing you to access your files anywhere anytime, permitting the ability for the workplace to be as flexible as the business requires.

Customer Service

When in need, you have support with award-winning 24/7 customer service.

Customer Training

Both on-site and webcast training classes are offered to ensure proficient operation.

Access from Anywhere

Our web application is compatible with multiple operating systems and from any web browser. Access your files and information from tablets and mobile devices.

A Document Management System Everyone Trusts

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Kamran Q New York City Bar Association

"Pinpoint is a great system for managing documents. Its filing system and searchable pdf feature make it easy to track down old docs in our archives. Uploading and updating new docs is simple and fast. There are helpful dashboards that make navigating Pinpoint on a daily basis stress-free."

Document Management

Susie R. Office Coordinators

"I don't have to go looking for anything in a file folder or look for folders any longer. I just pull up pinpoint and search for what I need. My office is no longer full of folders and papers. Everyone has access to all the folders, so they can look for what they need and no longer ask me for them."

Document Management

Kristi G. Data Resources

"PinPoint is affordable but yet helps me be HIPAA Compliant. I have the ability to monitor usage and run audit reports. We also have a reliable, searchable document management system in PinPoint. It is great! This is reliable software that manages my documents. I know I don't have to worry about them. PinPoint has helped with my peace of mind so much."

Document Management