PinPoint 4.0 & higher

User Series

Short Videos

VIEW User Log in & Profile Setup

VIEW Add New Document – Import

VIEW File Multiple Documents

VIEW File Multiple Documents – Gallery View

VIEW File Multiple Documents – Folder Details

VIEW Document Discussion

VIEW View Document History

VIEW View Workflow History

VIEW View Document Versions

VIEW View Document Version History

VIEW Completing a Workflow Task

VIEW Export a Document

VIEW Share a Document

VIEW Copy a Document

VIEW Email a Document

VIEW Delete a Document

VIEW Assign a Tag to a Document

VIEW View Document OCR

VIEW Move a Document

VIEW Split a Document

VIEW View Document Splits

VIEW Merge Documents

VIEW Change Document Type

VIEW Finalize a Document

VIEW Placing a Document on Hold

VIEW Clear a Document on Hold

VIEW Mirror a Document

VIEW Update Variable Name

VIEW Forms Processing

VIEW External Link

VIEW Check-Out a Document

VIEW Check-In a Document

VIEW Clear a Checked-Out Document

VIEW ARIE Requests

Administrative Series

Short Videos

VIEW Managing User & Groups

VIEW Add a Cabinet

VIEW Edit a Cabinet

VIEW Copy a Cabinet

VIEW Delete a Cabinet

VIEW Add, Edit & Delete Folders

VIEW Add a Doc Type

VIEW Edit a Doc Type

VIEW Copy a Doc Type

VIEW Delete a Doc Type

VIEW Creating & Assigning Workflow

VIEW Using Variable Naming

VIEW Using Onboards

VIEW Using Document Retention

VIEW Retention Checks & Reports

VIEW Creating Courses

PinPoint 3.75 & lower

User Series

  • Beginner User Guide
    See how to add a Folder, import a Document(s), use the Dashboard, retrieve Files.

Short Videos – Beginner

VIEW User Login/Profile Setup

VIEW Browse Folders

VIEW Drag-and-Drop (Browse Folders & Folder Details)

VIEW Content Search

VIEW Folder Details

Short Videos – Advanced

VIEW Fx Action Menu

VIEW Add New File (Scan)

VIEW Create a Document Queue

VIEW Add to Document Queue

VIEW Change the Document Type

VIEW Move Documents

VIEW Copy Documents

VIEW Merge Documents

VIEW Email Documents

VIEW Export Documents

VIEW Delete Documents

VIEW Assign Document Tags

VIEW Update Variable Name

VIEW Document Thumbnail View

VIEW Document History

VIEW Document OCR

Administrative Series

  • Admin Initial Setup Guide
    Learn how to set up your structure and start adding your first documents.
  • Admin Advanced Setup Guide
    Beyond the initial setup, learn how to create and complete a Workflow, manage Distribution Rules, set up variable naming, and use zonal OCR to populate metadata.