PinPoint: Quality Assurance Document Management Software | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

Using PinPoint Quality Assurance Document Management, you will be able to efficiently:

Complete version control is built into the PinPoint application which gives users the ability to review all versions of any particular document that they have the rights to view. Users have the ability to add versions of documents, and have the option of replacing the original or saving multiple versions. Easy retrieval of  any versions using quick access locating screens.

Use document versions to supply the user a comparison report that shows the adds, changes, and deletions between the two files.

Automatic Document Creation (ADC) – Creates and updates a set of files that the system will maintain and update versions, with automatic TOC and Page numbering.  PinPoint updates and versions all without human intervention.

Run data reports and export to Excel for added reporting.

Electronic Signatures to both users and outside organizations.

Track and report revisions.  Workflow can also be set for automatic tasks to execute. For example, starting a workflow every year on a certain policy to update with full audit trail.

Built-in On-Boarding can notify you of missing files needed for new policies or projects, and automatically track them.

Program Keypoints

  • Automatically build P&P, QA Results, SOPs, etc. as books of merged files to encompass the full document
  • File directly from MS Office Suite
  • Built-in automation to file critical documents, with easy retrieval of information
  • Easy access to information with a centralized document management repository
  • Review files and audit log for compliance reporting
  • Automatically versions all files with updates without human intervention
  • FDA 21 Part 11 Compliance with Electronic Signature
  • Workflow and reminders to insure completion on-time
  • Improved QA tools to organize your documents safely and securely
  • Easily file documents from within your business applications
  • Version control and history tracking
  • Automatic page numbering and TOC.
  • Store any type of files with full security and history trail
  • Simplify file search efforts including full text content and metadata
  • Easily file emails and their attachments with one click from Outlook
  • Easy to use look-up screens to retrieve reports, results, policies, etc.
  • Drag and drop any file type to your folders directly in PinPoint Quality Assurance
  • Definable ways to classify, describe and organize files
  • Check-In/Check-Out with version management
  • Client Portal enables Web access to documents for external parties
  • Users can fill out forms directly into your PinPoint Document Management Software

Additional Resources

  • Project Manager assigned to your organization for One-on-One implementation
  • System is defined to match all your information elements you need
  • Load your previous electronic files automatically with full search ability
  • Automatically updates to new versions of the software
  • On-going support & training at all times.  We do NOT outsource, so you are always working with a PinPoint Quality Assurance Document Management Project Manager
  • Ability to quickly send documents for signatures and seamless retrieval.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks, Great Plains, Sales Force, Sharepoint, MS Office, OneDrive
  • Access from any location using any device
  • Audit log reporting for complete compliance
  • Complete API as well for use if needed