Health Care Document Management

Manage all healthcare departments and their files with PinPoint Document Management.

Medical Groups In Need of Collaboration

  • Hospitals
  • Other Patient Records
  • Medical Billing
  • Back-office Accounting
  • Case Management

In order to manage a productive facility, the ability to streamline workflow processes automatically is crucial. PinPoint's Health Care Document Management solution follows all compliance rules and regulations for HIPAA Requirements.

When it comes to Medical Billing, you can improve response time by receiving faster collections, even decrease costs by quickly connecting staff to important patient information.

With built-in Mail-Merge with our word processor, allow for quick and mass emails to be sent with easy to use and easy to set up full security settings and rights.

With Content, Version, Workflow, Retention and Forms management all built-in, capture any and all records whether paper or already electronic. PinPoint captures metadata and content directly from the file to determine the location within you patient Folders.

As the need for community based health and mental health services continues to rise, so does the need for a reliable solution to complete and store necessary documentation for payment from insurance companies and/or city and state grants. Consider PinPoint your one stop shop for users on the go; store your organization’s forms in one location for all to access, making timely completion of assessments, progress notes, annual reviews, etc., an easy to use task. PinPoint can also allow for the migration of all documents and forms into one client folder, ideal for community health centers and/or health homes that provide services across all disciplines of health care. This allows for a continuity of care for all clients that is not easy to achieve with other applications. Further, delayed billing is now a thing of the past, as our workflow provides immediate notification to all departments when a form is ready to submit for payment.

Program Keypoints

  • Built-in automation to file critical documents, or file them manually.
  • All files are searchable by full content search.
  • Capture data elements from the document and move to your other systems for automatic posting of transaction files.
  • Easy access to information with a centralized document management repository.
  • Improved QA tools to organize your bank’s and other secure documents safely.
  • Drag and Drop and let the system file for you.
  • Simplify file search efforts including full-text content and metadata.
  • Monitor your folders for missing files not yet received.
  • Easily file emails and their attachments with one click from Outlook.
  • Check-In/Check-Out with version management and history tracking.
  • Portal level security to enable web access to documents for your active clients.

Additional Resources

  • Installation performed by LSSP Corporation with your staff at a “core business” kick-off meeting
  • Assistance with full security integration and setup allowing quick access for the company
  • Help exporting your current infrastructure
  • Automatically updates to new versions of the software
  • On-going support & training offered weekly
  • Ability to quickly send documents for signatures and seamless retrieval
  • Integrate with other medical systems.
  • Access from any location using any device
  • Audit log reporting
  • Complete API and WebService