Positives of Having a PDF | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

Despite decades of discussion around the “paperless office,” most companies still produce and receive an enormous amount of paper even though going paperless can really make an improvement to you and your office. It’s so much easier to go completely electronic to doge future issues, or loosing items. Critical documents are still sent via courier and traditional mail-in paper form and employees exchange and circulate physical copies of documents that must be managed, filed and stored.

Even digital documents pose a challenge. Employees routinely print out and mark them up, then re-scan them using desktop hardware that is slow and unreliable. In addition, not all employees can edit PDF documents, so different versions of the same document wind up residing on multiple servers and desktops. PDF can be super helpful as well! There is so much to learn about those as well. I always recommend to have a PDF when you are wanting a document management system!

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