PinPoint 4.05 Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

PinPoint 4.05 will be released for cloud customers on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019! For self-host customers, the new version will be available beginning the 3rd week of June 2019.

New System Enhancements:

  • New Toggle on the Gallery View to switch between a Thumbnail or List View
  • Page Number Auto-Generation
    • Users can have ARIE auto-generate page numbers for documents, and choose the location of where the page number is placed.
  • New Table of Contents
    • A new look to the Table of Contents that can be auto-generated when merging documents.
  • No more “Document Metadata” Requirement
    • Adding Metadata Fields to your Doc Types is now Optional.
  • New Search Filters on Locating Screens
    • Filters include Workflow, Status, Sub-Divider, Notes, and more.
  • Fx Button added to Dashboard
  • New View User “look” and “upload” Option
    • New look to the view user screen, including the ability for a view user to upload a document directly.
  • Assign Multiple Onboard Supervisors
    • For each Onboard you create, you can set one or more Supervisors who will be notified when document types arrive and if they are missing.
  • “Clear Check-Out” Permission
    • The ability to clear the check-out for any document the user has access to can be granted at a user level.
  • Send Multiple Docs with one External Link
    • Users can now send multiple documents at once, using the same External Link.
  • Share a Document to a User or an Email and set an Expiration
    • Documents can be shared to PinPoint users, or to an email address that belongs to a non-PinPoint user. An expiration date can also be set.

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