Electronic Document Management Systems

Go Paperless with a Document Management System

Electronic document management systems use software programs that electronically manage the creation, storage and controlling of documents easily. The programs only let authorized users access the documents to carry out duties, such as printing. Features within document managing software generally include workflow management, document management. Hardware included in an electronic document system is a scanner that captures electronic images of documents. If the management software contains Optical Character Recognition, the program may automatically index scanned documents and store the text found within the image. Pairing OCR with Intelligent Character Recognition, the software automatically captures additional data, making it simple to find a document using search terms.

Benefits of Document Scanning and Electronic Document Management Systems

  • Streamline document management: As soon as an electronic records management system scans a document, it is immediately available to authorized personnel within the agency. Electronic documents reduce the need to file hard copies using an organization system with high risk for human error.
  • Employee efficiency: Multiple individuals can access electronic files at the same time, eliminating the need to photocopy or share documents. If the agency’s electronic document management system includes an in-house scanner, staff members can quickly convert hard copies into digital files and share them.
  • Save time and reduce waste: Electronic document management system can help an agency save paper and reduce waste. Distributing an electronic document via email or in a shared folder before a meeting.
  • Cost savings: Scanning decreases the need to use photocopiers and fax machines to distribute documents, saving an office on toner, paper and maintenance-related costs.
  • Added security: Electronic documents don’t require secure filing cabinets, locks or security personnel to keep them safe. When you use a reputable vendor and the right management setup, electronic records aren’t affected by disasters like floods or earthquakes.

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