PinPoint 4.05 Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

PinPoint 4.05 will be released for cloud customers on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019! For self-host customers, the new version will be available beginning the 3rd week of June 2019. New System Enhancements: New Toggle on the Gallery View to switch between a Thumbnail or List View Page Number Auto-Generation Users can have ARIE auto-generate page numbers for documents, and choose the location of where the page number is placed. New Table of Contents A new look to the Table of Contents that can be auto-generated when merging documents. No more “Document Metadata” Requirement Adding Metadata Fields to your Doc Types is now Optional. New Search Filters on Locating Screens Filters include Workflow, Status, Sub-Divider, Notes, and more. Fx Button added to Dashboard New View User “look” and “upload” Option New look to the view user screen, including the ability for a view user to upload a document directly. Assign Multiple Onboard Supervisors For each Onboard you create, you can set one or more Supervisors who will be notified when document types arrive and if they are missing. “Clear Check-Out” Permission The ability to clear the check-out for any document the user has access to can be granted at a user level. Send Multiple Docs with one External Link Users can now send multiple documents at once, using the same External Link. Share a Document to a User or an Email and set an Expiration Documents can be shared to PinPoint users, or to an email address that belongs to a non-PinPoint user. An expiration date can also be set.

PinPoint 4.0 Training Now Posted! | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

In addition to the self-paced training videos and guides, as well as the live chat support found at the customer portal, LSSP offers weekly training classes that users can register for any time, at no charge. These classes are the best way to keep you up-to-date with what is new in your system, and is a tool to use as a refresher for some of the features you may not use too often. We urge everyone to sign up, as these classes are topic based depending on your level of access. Register any time at the PinPoint customer portal! User Classes: User Beginner Training This kickoff to your PinPoint training will cover simple, day-to-day functions of the system, intended for the everyday user. Learn how to file documents, retrieve documents and markup documents with comments. In addition, learn how to set your own personal preferences within the system. Fx Action Menu This user training class focuses on the individual functions within the Fx menu. User Workflow This is a user training class that focuses specifically on completing workflow. Administrative Classes: Admin Beginner Training In this class, learn the nuts and bolts of the PinPoint infrastructure. We’ll show you how to add users and assign security permissions to users/user groups. Learn the filing hierarchy and how to setup each level. Workflow/Onboard Setup This is an administrative training that focuses specifically on managing workflow and onboarding. Security Setup This is an administrative training that focuses specifically on setting user and group security permissions. ARIE Setup This advanced class will discuss the setup and use of ARIE, PinPoint’s automated filing feature. Learn the different types of filing, how to create a distribution rule, and which ARIE filing function(s) works best for your organization. Retention Setup This is an administrative training that focuses specifically on setting […]

PinPoint v4.0 Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

We are excited to announce that PinPoint v4.0 will be released very soon! Please review some of the new enhancements coming below. New System Enhancements: Share Documents – users can now share documents to PinPoint users or non-PinPoint users, with the ability to set an expiration date Alerts/Notifications in Toolbar – shows overdue tasks, new tasks and messages Saved Searches – users will be able to save custom searches on the Content Search New Reporting – with one-button click to export to Excel, CSV, PDF New Markup Tool – works with all browsers, not just Internet Explorer New GUI – reduced screens and menu for quicker navigation Document Type Exclusion – restricts users from adding document types to incorrect folders Proximity Search – allowing the ability to capture information directly from the document without a template New Onboarding Feature – to have the system auto-track documents for new hires, etc. Quick Search in Toolbar – added toolbar to search for files by document name from any screen you are on New Admin Mode – for admin functions only Workflow Enhancements: Supervisor Workflow Reassignment – workflow tasks can be re-assigned by any Supervisor of the workflow Delayed Workflow – workflows can have a custom start date placed at the File/Review screen, and that is the date the workflow begins for the document New Decision Workflow – a decision workflow can only be a choice, the choice should be either a new workflow or a different step in the workflow No-Document Workflow – a workflow can begin without a document being entered Viewable Restriction during Workflow – setting to have documents only viewable to users within the active workflow New Workflow Visual Report – this gives you the visual layout of the workflow (Ganntt Chart):    

New “Live Chat” Support | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

As you may already know, LSSP now has a new live chat with our customer support team. All users in your organization now have a button to click for immediate help, without having to find somebody in your organization to help them! The live chat support is for all existing customers and all new customers signing up will have this immediate support now, as well. The live support will be very simple: whether your question is on how to set up your structure, adding new documents, working with workflow, etc., all your questions will get answered immediately. We have hired on new staff to ensure that your questions are answered promptly. With the new live chat support, we will be eliminating the weekly Q&A classes, since all users will now have immediate, live chat support. Other beginner training classes will be offered monthly at no cost as they have always been. The live chat support can be accessed in the following ways: If you were not already using the logo in the top-left corner of your PinPoint database to direct a user to a web-page, we have updated the logo in your database to go directly to the live chat support. From the customer portal home page, there is a direct link to the live chat support.

PinPoint v3.75 Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

Sorting (both ascending and descending) Users now have the ability to sort text fields on all screens where available. Metadata Sorting Users will have the ability to sort metadata text fields on the following screens: Manage Folders, Folder Details, Document View. New Workflow Screen Filters While using the Workflow screens, users can now filter by workflow task, content and document metadata. DocuSign Integration PinPoint integration with DocuSign will include the ability to send a document with a signature request and for ARIE to be able to retrieve documents upon completion and be automatically imported.  Auto Form Filler ARIE will now be able to fill in a PDF form you have in PinPoint, based on document and folder metadata. In other words, when document metadata is filled in for a specific document or folder metadata is available, based on the setup, ARIE will know which field on the form belongs to which metadata field. PinPoint Desktop Assistant (Filing via ARIE or Drag & Drop) – COMING SOON, not available at v3.75 launch There will be an option to file documents into PinPoint via ARIE and/or direct Drag & Drop without having to be logged into PinPoint. You currently have this ability now, though to utilize ARIE outside of PinPoint, you would either must use Dropbox (cloud), or the ARIE Input folders created on your ARIE server (self-host). An invitation to participate in a beta test of the PinPoint Desktop Assistant will be sent out within a few weeks of the v3.75 release. Time-Saving Additions The system will remember the previous metadata filled in when adding multiple documents one at a time via the File Single Document screen. New Search Optimization – faster searching capabilities Workflow added to Gallery View & Content Search Users who are assigned workflow tasks will be able […]