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Going Paperless in 2021 The Need For Electronic Document Management Common Organizational Pressure Points  Are you losing documents or unsure of who has the latest version?  Do you or your employees spend too much time searching for hard copies of files?  Do employees from various locations need access to documents, information, and workflows?  What is your Disaster Recovery (Business Contingency) Plan? Are some files non-replaceable?  Does your organization need to follow compliance standards or maintain
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PinPoint Version 4.25 Release New Enhancements PinPoint Application: New SSO (Single Sign-On) Integration Ability for users to view video files at the File Review Page PinPoint Desktop Application: Ability to set default settings in user profile Ability to update workflow tasks on the File Review Screen Ability to edit document metadata on the File Review Screen Ability to open and fill out forms on the File Review Screen Ability to search by tags on the
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Best Document Management Software of 2020 Provided by Best Document Management Software PinPoint Document Management Software After countless hours of research and reviewing over one hundred document management software companies, has presented their top list of DMS solutions for 2020. Read about different solutions and their features to find out what will work best for you or your business. You can also compare prices amongst the various options. Be sure to check out
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In Case You Didn't Know... PinPoint 4.2 was released in early September. Below are some of the enhancements that were added in this version! 4.2 Enhancements New Desktop App - The new app will allow users to access documents on their desktop, rather than using a browser. Included in the app will be the File Multiple, SmartScan, Content Search and My Workflow pages. Using the desktop app, users can also use desktop to markup a document
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