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A Commitment to Electronic Document Management Software

Founded in 2001, LSSP made a strategic commitment to a full suite of Electronic Document Management products.

In 2006, LSSP began our Cloud-Based solution on both design and specifications. Our PinPoint Document Management System is completely Cloud-Based, with access from any location in the world, including iPhones, iPads, Android, MAC and tablet devices. Users can scan directly from IE (Internet Explorer), Chrome, FireFox, Opera, Safari.

LSSP offers a fully customizable and non-technical administrative approach to building a solution that is an exact fit for your organizational needs. We have multiple document management products, but our most feature-rich is our web-based solution called PinPoint. PinPoint is based on what we have found to be the crucial needs of any business. This includes the ability to streamline many operations and organizations without staff intervention. LSSP has built the system complete with workflow and retention management. A Microsoft SQL database enables full growth to meet all of your needs, regardless of size and access.