Social Sign-On

We've Experienced the Frustration of Remembering So Many Usernames and Passwords for All Applications Used By a Business

For organizations to keep up with the fast-paced world, they must be able to easily manage and control their daily business procedures. With Social Sign On, you will experience a simple and swift sign-in process allowing you to focus on other tasks. Social Sign On also allows your users to upload files to you securely, with automatic email notifications to others without delay of forgetting login credentials.


  • Using PinPoint For Social Sign On, You Will Be Able To:

    • Ensure Internal Security of Credentials

    • Quickly and Easily Login

    • Reduce Time Spent Depending On Support

    • Quickly Implement SSO for Your Users

PinPoint SSO Includes The Following Control Centers (Use Any or All):

Defense In Depth

Over 50% of users admit to reusing the same password for multiple services, so even if your cyber security practices are as best as they can be, PinPoint SSO allows you to take that a step further. Not only allowing you to have top of the line internal security with SSO, but demanding that your security is nothing but the best.

With multi-layer authentication, even if a user’s password is compromised – the bad guys can’t get in.

Data Capture

Capture any and all file types whether paper or already electronic. PinPoint captures metadata and content directly from the file to determine the location within your folders. Batch and multiple type documents can be scanned or imported and automatically broken up and filed properly. Users can scan directly into PinPoint or route electronic documents directly without physically printing or scanning. Through the use of its automatic sweeper application (ARIE), users can drag-and-drop files directly into the system and have them filed automatically. ARIE will identify the data and break-up the pages to file them into the proper location using Distribution Rules that you create. With a built-in OCR engine, PinPoint produces full-page and zonal OCR for electronic documents. You can also have the system merge documents automatically for you based on metadata and content. Any and all files (including audio and video) are accepted into PinPoint, including over 400 file formats.


As a mobile ready document management system, PinPoint can be accessed from all smartphones (including iPhones, Androids, and Windows Phones) and tablets (including iPads, Android Tablets, and Kindle Fire). If your phone or tablet has a web browser and access to the internet, PinPoint will provide easy access to your data. PinPoint SSO offers flexibility in which users can access data quickly from any location. Based on the permission you have set, each user can obtain file information with their mobile device and can follow through with their assigned tasks.

Data Retrieval

Retrieval is fast and very easy to look up information and files, and does not take up the time that you need to spend on your core responsibilities at your job. Acquire your files anytime from any location with multiple search screens. Within your search, users can filter and drill down based on metadata and content making it very easy to locate any specific document. Once a document is up, users can view the history pertaining to that document and can view any and all versions to that document. All files and documents are stored in their native format and can be exported by any authorized user. PinPoint creates a viewable image in a PDF format for comments and markups without having to launch the native application. If any updates to documents such as word files are needed, the user can check-out the document and make all necessary updates to the native file then check the document back in.

Key Features and Data

  • 86% of user’s report being bothered by having to enter website credentials

  • Immediate access to client information

  • 77% of users believe social login benefits their log in process

  • Improve security and document integrity

  • Relieve frustration of forgetting credentials

  • Click-and-go feature

  • Easy integration on your account

  • No risk to your private accounts information