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Cloud Based vs. Self Hosted Document Management

With PinPoint, you have the option of either running the software on your own server or from our SAE16 Type II and SAS70 Type II compliant data center. The option is either cloud based or as a self hosted document management solution. Self-host involves running the system on your server; therefore, the database is accessible from any local or remote device a valid user can log into. The secure database is accessible both remotely and internally in your office. Complete user audits allow you to maintain integrity, and workstations do not need to be configured, as all updates to the application are included and placed on your server. Secure and off-site backup is available if required as well. LSSP Corporation follows all certification specifications with HIPAA, OSHA, SOX, FACTA, FDA, SEC, and compliance is supported and updated as the rulings are updated or changed. Schedule a live presentation to view the details of both a cloud-based and self hosted document management solution. With our excellent support staff, we are here to assist you through the integration process to make this the smoothest transition possible.

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