How Technology Can Simplify Document Management

Businesses are characterized by volumes of data and documents regardless of their sizes. Hence, managing them effectively is paramount. However, studies have shown that 82% of people find access to documents when needed impossible thus leading to a productivity loss. This highlights the fact that the traditional system of managing business information presents various challenges which only amplify as the volumes of data increases. These issues have been noted to drain productivity and efficiency. Channeling the power of an automated solution to document management helps businesses to maximize their resources and productivity for better conversion. In this piece, we explore the various ways technological applications can improve an organizational document management system. 5 Ways Technology Can Simplify Document Management With the business landscape becoming fiercely competitive, it is becoming crucial to adopt different approaches to stay ahead. Here, we approach the various ways by which integrating an automated system to handle your business data could help you to organize your life as a business owner and also with the upgrade your business needs to stay sublime: Optimal Storage and Documents Handling  Handling documents becomes burdensome as they multiply and they particularly have a way to convert every space available into storage facilities. With time, sorting through piles of paperwork for the right information becomes time-consuming and drains the company of its productivity by prolonging production hours. In effect, the traditional system of storage such as the email had been the most prevalent method of storage and collaboration; a document collaboration report by Perforce shows that it is arguably the least-equipped system to manage larger volumes and sensitive data. Thus, integrating a document management software equips you with automated ways of organizing and storing your files effectively. Majority of these programs are designed to optimize storage facilities by enabling cloud-based repositories […]

PinPoint 4.07 Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

PinPoint 4.07 has been released for cloud customers! For self-host customers, the new version will be available in August 2019. Please contact to schedule your update. New System Enhancements: Document Mirroring – users now have the ability to “mirror” an existing document. This means the same document can be logically filed to multiple locations at once, and if one is updated, all connected documents get updated automatically. Share a Document to a User or an Email and set an Expiration – documents can be shared to PinPoint users, or to an email address that belongs to a non-PinPoint user. An expiration date can also be set. Updated Table of Contents  – by putting in an ARIE Request, users can have the system add a Table of Contents to an existing document. This is not a new feature, though we have added an updated Table of Contents.

The Basics of Document Management

  Not sure if a document management system is right for you or your business? Below you can find answers to the very basic questions about what a document management system is, and what it can do for you. For more information on PinPoint Document Management System, please visit our site at What is a Document Management System? A Document Management System (DMS), is used to help you store, manage and track documents in one, secure location. Why use a Document Management System? An electronic document management system is a way to automate manual processes such as filing and searching for documents, workflow processes, onboard schedules, indexing and so on. Document management systems can help your business increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, become more organized, ensure workflow tasks are completed on time, and so much more. An electronic document management system eliminates the risk of losing files, allowing you to file and search for documents with confidence and at the click of a button. A true Document Management System will save 25% in both staff time and consumables. Key Benefits of Document Management Systems Reduced Storage Space for Paper Files Enhanced Security Full Compliance Quick and Easy File Retrieval with One Centralized Repository Collaboration Across Departments or Locations Automated Workflow with Alerts Backup and Disaster Recovery Direct Scanning/Importing of over 400 file types. Auto/Batch Filing For more information on PinPoint Document Management, please visit our site at If you are interested in scheduling a live PinPoint Demo, please use the following link and pick a time that works best for you:  

PinPoint 4.05 Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

PinPoint 4.05 will be released for cloud customers on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019! For self-host customers, the new version will be available beginning the 3rd week of June 2019. New System Enhancements: New Toggle on the Gallery View to switch between a Thumbnail or List View Page Number Auto-Generation Users can have ARIE auto-generate page numbers for documents, and choose the location of where the page number is placed. No more “Document Metadata” Requirement Adding Metadata Fields to your Doc Types is now Optional. New Search Filters on Locating Screens Filters include Workflow, Status, Sub-Divider, Notes, and more. Fx Button added to Dashboard New View User “look” and “upload” Option New look to the view user screen, including the ability for a view user to upload a document directly. Assign Multiple Onboard Supervisors For each Onboard you create, you can set one or more Supervisors who will be notified when document types arrive and if they are missing. “Clear Check-Out” Permission The ability to clear the check-out for any document the user has access to can be granted at a user level. Send Multiple Docs with one External Link Users can now send multiple documents at once, using the same External Link.

More Benefits of Document Management | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

More Benefits of Document Management Always Have Good Organization- With categories, and subcategories to mark your files and documents it will become easier to organize, locate, and retrieve other documents for your future use. Time/Cost Efficiency- Having an employee efficiency is a real time saver. Time saved is money being saved. Keeping and running a DMS can be done with no cost. File Sharing- With a DMS users get to share files, and documents with colleague’s, with no issue of their location. Simultaneous Updating- Keeping all necessary documents is one location ensures that documents can be simultaneously updated as changes occur. There can be simple complex changes that’ll be automatically reflected so whoever is accessing the data, it is up to date. Also, can complete because it is all in one place. Going Paperless for Lowers Costs- Paper does cost a pretty good chunk of money in the long run and is something every business can go without paper. It also saves a lot of time and you don’t have to worry about losing anything important. With having a paper-management system you should invest into a huge amount into the required resources. Advantages of Document Management System • Relief of paperwork burdens through improved process efficiency • Minimization of the possibility of lost information and liability • Increased productivity • Sharing of information among many users simultaneously • Improvement of service and response to customers