Document Management

DMS Compliancy

Electronic Document Management Maintaining Compliance With PinPoint, You Don’t Have to Worry About Maintaining Electronic Document Management Compliance Standards. Compliance is Supported and Updated as the Rulings are Updated or Changed. LSSP Corporation Follows All Certification Specifications with the Following:   • DOD     • HIPAA • ISO  • ADA    • OSHA • SEC  • SOX  • FDA     • FACTA

PinPoint’s Built-In Contact Management System

PinPoint’s built-in Contact Management System allows you to manage all of your contacts, appointments, tasks, campaigns, opportunities, and any documents related in one system. This makes keeping track of appointments easier and less time-consuming, giving more time to focus on other work tasks. Reminders can be set up to alert users within PinPoint, or via email.  Additionally, users have the ability to email others regarding appointments or tasks directly within the system. PinPoint’s Contact Management is built in to our Document Management System, allowing you to improve workplace productivity with a more efficient way of organizing.

How Technology Can Simplify Document Management

Businesses are characterized by volumes of data and documents regardless of their sizes. Hence, managing them effectively is paramount. However, studies have shown that 82% of people find access to documents when needed impossible thus leading to a productivity loss. This highlights the fact that the traditional system of managing business information presents various challenges which only amplify as the volumes of data increases. These issues have been noted to drain productivity and efficiency. Channeling the power of an automated solution to document management helps businesses to maximize their resources and productivity for better conversion. In this piece, we explore the various ways technological applications can improve an organizational document management system.

The Basics of Document Management

  Not sure if a document management system is right for you or your business? Below you can find answers to the very basic questions about what a document management system is, and what it can do for you. For more information on PinPoint Document Management System, please visit our site at What is a Document Management System? A Document Management System (DMS), is used to help you store, manage and track documents in one, secure location. Why use a Document Management System? An electronic document management system is a way to automate manual processes such as filing and searching for documents, workflow processes, onboard schedules, indexing and so on. Document management systems can help your business increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, become more organized, ensure workflow tasks are completed on time, and so much more. An electronic document management system eliminates the risk of losing files, allowing you to file and search for documents with confidence and at the click of a button. A true Document Management System will save 25% in both staff time and consumables. Key Benefits of Document Management Systems Reduced Storage Space for Paper Files Enhanced Security Full Compliance Quick and Easy File Retrieval with One Centralized Repository Collaboration Across Departments or Locations Automated Workflow with Alerts Backup and Disaster Recovery Direct Scanning/Importing of over 400 file types. Auto/Batch Filing For more information on PinPoint Document Management, please visit our site at If you are interested in scheduling a live PinPoint Demo, please use the following link and pick a time that works best for you: