PinPoint 4.07 Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

PinPoint 4.07 has been released for cloud customers! For self-host customers, the new version will be available in August 2019. Please contact to schedule your update. New System Enhancements: Document Mirroring – users now have the ability to “mirror” an existing document. This means the same document can be logically filed to multiple locations at once, and if one is updated, all connected documents get updated automatically. Share a Document to a User or an Email and set an Expiration – documents can be shared to PinPoint users, or to an email address that belongs to a non-PinPoint user. An expiration date can also be set. Updated Table of Contents  – by putting in an ARIE Request, users can have the system add a Table of Contents to an existing document. This is not a new feature, though we have added an updated Table of Contents.

PinPoint 4.05 Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

PinPoint 4.05 will be released for cloud customers on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019! For self-host customers, the new version will be available beginning the 3rd week of June 2019. New System Enhancements: New Toggle on the Gallery View to switch between a Thumbnail or List View Page Number Auto-Generation Users can have ARIE auto-generate page numbers for documents, and choose the location of where the page number is placed. No more “Document Metadata” Requirement Adding Metadata Fields to your Doc Types is now Optional. New Search Filters on Locating Screens Filters include Workflow, Status, Sub-Divider, Notes, and more. Fx Button added to Dashboard New View User “look” and “upload” Option New look to the view user screen, including the ability for a view user to upload a document directly. Assign Multiple Onboard Supervisors For each Onboard you create, you can set one or more Supervisors who will be notified when document types arrive and if they are missing. “Clear Check-Out” Permission The ability to clear the check-out for any document the user has access to can be granted at a user level. Send Multiple Docs with one External Link Users can now send multiple documents at once, using the same External Link.

PinPoint 4.0 Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

DOCUMENT HANDLING * Share Documents – users can now share documents to PinPoint users or non-PinPoint users, with the ability to set an expiration date. * Proximity Search (Pattern Matching) – allowing the ability to capture information directly from the document without a template. * Finalize Function – the ability to finalize a document so that changes cannot be made. * Remove Hold – user who placed the hold on the document can now remove the hold. * Custom Retention Date – ability to set the specific retention date for an individual document. * Quick Search in Toolbar – added toolbar to search for files by document name from any screen. * Saved Searches – users will be able to save custom searches on the Content Search. ADMINISTRATIVE FUNCTION ENHANCEMENTS * New Admin Mode – for admin functions only. * Default Document Tab – ability to set a default document tab for document types. * Default Document Type – ability to set a default document type for cabinets. * Document Type Exclusion – restricts users from adding document types to incorrect folders. * Deleting Folders – administrators can now delete folders in bulk. * Customized Broadcast – ability to set up to 3 different slider messages and links for your login screen. * New Onboarding Feature – to have the system auto-track documents for new hires, etc. GALLERY VIEW ENHANCEMENTS * Multiple Documents View – ability to view multiple documents at once from the Gallery View. * Add New Folders – ability to add new folders on the fly while using the Gallery View. * Drag-and-drop in gallery – ability to drag documents directly into a folder or sub-divider on the Gallery View. OTHER SYSTEM ENHANCEMENTS * Alerts/Notifications in Toolbar – shows overdue tasks, new tasks and messages. * New […]