DMS Compliancy

Electronic Document Management

Maintaining Compliance

With PinPoint, You Don't Have to Worry About Maintaining Electronic Document Management Compliance Standards. Compliance is Supported and Updated as the Rulings are Updated or Changed.

document management system compliance

LSSP Corporation Follows All Certification Specifications with the Following:

  • DOD
    • HIPAA
 • ADA
   • OSHA
 • SOX
 • FDA
    • FACTA

As we continue to expand PinPoint to all types of businesses and industries, LSSP Corporation has recognized the importance of maintaining compliance when dealing with record storage, access, retention, and more.


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Accessible to All with Proper Security Access

Maintaining ADA compliance when it comes to electronic document management software is becoming more prevalent. Our software includes the ability to convert files to PDF/UA, can adjust screen colors for visibility, and use text-to-speech for the content captured from your files.

Track All User Activity for Audit Purposes

We comply with all FERPA, HIPAA, SOX, OSHA, DoD, and FDA via data governance with full audit trail of all user activity, full role-based security, with BCP in place. Track all activity by user with time stamps. View the complete document life-cycle and all of its versions. Reports can be generated and exported.


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