PinPoint’s Built-In Contact Management System

PinPoint's built-in Contact Management System allows you to manage all of your contacts, appointments, tasks, campaigns, opportunities, and any documents related in one system. This makes keeping track of appointments easier and less time-consuming, giving more time to focus on other work tasks. Reminders can be set up to alert users within PinPoint, or via email.  Additionally, users have the ability to email others regarding appointments or tasks directly within the system. PinPoint's Contact Management is built in to our Document Management System, allowing you to improve workplace productivity with a more efficient way of organizing.

Store and Manage All of These Entities in One System

        • Accounts
        • Contacts
        • Campaigns
        • Tasks and Reminders
        • Opportunities
        • Goals
        • Appointments

Features Include, But Are Not Limited To:

    • Keep Track Of All Tasks, Appointments, Contacts, Accounts, Goals, Campaigns, And Opportunities

    • Log Appointments Within The System To Help Keep Track Of Your Schedule

    • Add Prospective Customers To A Campaign With A Completion Goal

    • Organize Your Accounts And Contacts Into Groups

    • Create Standard Email Templates To Use In A Mail Merge To Your Accounts And Contacts

    • Add Tasks Associated With A Contact With Reminders


Additional Resources

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