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Document Management Security

You never hear the importance of Document management security, rather everyday you hear of stories on how the next big company was operating just fine and making all the improvements they needed to succeed for the next upcoming year then all of a sudden a security break in to customer records occur and everything comes to a halt. Many companies never plan for such an event and likely when something like this occurs end up losing weeks if not months of payroll just to have a cleanup occur in place.

PinPoint realized this was a glaring issues within all corporations and we took the exact steps and procedures for your company to rest easy at night knowing if anything happens with a external or internal violation, we have it covered. We allow high detailed security policies come to life while managing and recording all actions that are ever done within the system, giving an ease of mind for the company to do everything else that is required.

We know that preparation is never exciting, nor is it fun to spend money on something that you don’t ever expect to have happen but realistically security break-in’s happen everyday globally. By preparing for disaster, not only is your company ever going to hit a speed bump but as well this allows for your company to not have to spend possibly ten times the amount a normal document disaster recovery plan would cost you. Did we mention your staff doesn’t have to do a thing as well? If disaster strikes, all you have to do is let our technical support staff know about it and we will send you all the documents, records, and metadata you ever stored allowing you to quickly restore functionality and continue with your everyday processes.

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