PinPoint Enhancements: Coming at the end of May 2016! | PinPoint Electronic Document Management


Electronic Document Management

We have a new release coming out at the end of May for PinPoint customers. Those enhancements are as follows:

  1. New integration with the following applications – See bottom of this email for a list.
  2. Group Workflow – enabling an assignment of a workflow to a group, and once a person in the group completes the task, then it is removed from the others in the group.
  3. Tickler reminders attached to document types for automatic workflow to begin.
  4. Assign a template when manually adding a file. Both at the File/Review and the Drag-and-Drop screens.
  5. Ability to add folders at the Folder Detail and the Folder view screen.
  6. New Certificate of Destruction reporting to purge documents when retention is met.
  7. New file types for OCR and viewing, including DWG and XML.
  8. Help buttons at key locations for quick help.
  9. + other small enhancements.
  10. New browser annotations for all browsers to utilize (not just IE anymore, yes!)

Sample of the various new buttons to annotate:

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Screen 4


The integration below is currently available and will be added to:



Have an application that we have not listed? Let us know, and we might be able to add it to our list before the release is available. 



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