2.985 Enhancements/ Upcoming Enhancements | PinPoint Electronic Document Management

 PinPoint 2.985


  • Variable naming by document metadata fields
  • Workflow business rule added to distribution rules for routing special workflows
  • ARIE Direct can have a template selection for capturing content for document metadata fields
  • Expand / Collapse of document view, on the File/Review screen
  • Encrypted emails
  • New menu selection to see what is in the ARIE queue
  • Compare document report
  • New Skins and icons, including Cupertino and Redmond

Bug Fixes:

  • Being able to add documents properly with security settings
  • Fixed profile favorites and add document screen issue w/ PDFXViewer
  • Remove special characters or rename file entirely if illegal characters exist
  • Recover document issue resolved

Next Release – Target Date 12-31-15

  • Text message with External Link
    • Via SMS
    • Send Text
    • Text Workflow with an External Link
  • Expiration date for External Link
  • Drag and drop documents on most screens to quickly file documents
    • Optionally select a template for it to process the metadata if selected
  • Load LDAP
  • New easier validation for application
  • Group workflow
  • Integration
    • Sales force
    • QuickBooks – Even create invoices from us to QB
    • New API
  • “NOT” logic for distribution rules
  • Dynamic sub-divider – create new ones unique and on-the-fly.
  • Emoji’s in New Voting option
  • Logical Filtering – Numeric
  • Pull metadata from PDF forms

Release BlackHawk – 2Q 2016

  • Complete CRM built-in with notices, calendars, To-do, newsfeeds, opportunities, contacts…..

Release BlackHawk 2 – TBD

  • Sorting
  • Private, personal and default folders show together
  • Proximity search and Populate
  • Bar code
  • OMR
  • ICR
  • Document in multiple folders – references

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