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What is Document Management?

  • What is Document Management?Retrieving and managing your data quickly is crucial to maintaining a productive business. The key is finding a flexible, easy to use central repository system that will help you organize and eliminate the clutter within your office. A document management system ensures that your documents and files are organized into folders that can be easily retrieved and accessed, depending on the specific rights (securities) you have set for your users.
  • PinPoint stores and archives scanned documents, images and all other files. These files can be retrieved using full content searches, as well as using the metadata content you have created for your folders. Users with the given rights can search and locate any document from any location and perform any notifications that were assigned to them for a specific document. Less time is spent searching for documents and less effort is spent filing documents, as the whole process becomes automatic.
  • Employees and workers may need to share information while performing various tasks. Using PinPoint , your documents and files become easily accessible across the globe. As a web-based application, the flow of information can be accessed by any user you give the rights to. You and your staff can share information and collaborate using any type of device.
  • Saving money on labor and reducing the amount of storage space are two of the biggest benefits of investing in a document management system. By maintaining your paper records in an electronic form, you and your staff will have easy access to all of your important information with only a click of the button.

  • Because minor mistakes can make business operations difficult, having an electronic central repository system to back your files up can be the very tool that keeps your business running at a highly complaint level. Using a DMS, your documents and files are safely maintained, and can be restored in the event of a disaster.

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